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Foster Parent App

You are about to complete a foster parent application for Pet Adoption Services, Inc. We appreciate your interest in helping us save lives by opening your home to a rescued animal as they await their forever home!

Please note that if you currently own pets or have owned pets in the last 5 years, we require a vet reference. If you have never owned a pet, we require two personal references that are not relatives.

We also require a brief home visit to check the integrity of the fence (if applicable) and the area where the foster animal will be housed. 

As when someone adopts a pet, this screening process allows us to place the foster animal that is the best match in the foster home. For instance, certain breeds require a fence. Some breeds can be contained by the same fence that another breed or dog personality will breech easily.  

Therefore, the combination of application and home check helps us to guide you when supervising your foster dog.

*Please note that completion of this application does not guarantee approval to foster.