Pet Adoption Services, Inc
P.O. Box 534
Kenner, LA 70063
Dogs: 11

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  Pet Adoption Services, Inc
PAS was founded in 1996 and is supported by all-volunteer members. 
While awaiting adoption, our animals live in the home of one of our
foster parents. During this time, the animals receive any necessary veterinary
care, including but not limited to, vaccinations, spaying or neutering and
perhaps heartworm treatment. The foster care environment allows our foster
parents to assess each pet's personality and temperament assisting in matching
adoptable cats and dogs with permanent homes.
Pet Adoption Services participates in adoption days during which time, potential
adopters get the opportunity to meet and spend time with the animals in person. 
Pet Adoption Services holds several fundraisers throughout the calendar year so
that we can continue to meet the needs of homeless animals. Generous donations
by persons committed to the cause of animal rescue are also essential to our economic
survival ability to fulfill our mission.
Applicants must be 21 years of age in order to fill out an application, or they are
required to have a co-applicant. Applicants must meet other qualifications before
placement. Submitting an application does not guarantee adoption.